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Mavis Yaa Bermudez, CEO, Cardinal Security Service Limited, Regent Alumna



Mavis Yaa Bermudez, CEO, Cardinal Security Service Limited, Regent Alumna

While studying at Regent, I learnt the value of lifelong learning. T.L Osborn once said that when you stop learning you start dying.

Knowledge is indeed the currency of life. This adage had made me gain a deeper appreciation for higher education.

I realized quite early in my pursuit of success, that I needed to sacrifice to be a leader in my field. I decided I wanted to become an entrepreneur, so I knew I needed to invest time in developing my leadership skills.

I learnt at Regent that leadership means taking the lead in your field which means, not just occupying a position but accomplishing something outstanding.

At Regent, I realized that I needed to first and foremost define my vision in life, for my leadership potentials skills to have expression. This, to my mind, would enable me know where I want to go, that is, my field or choice of career I would want to specialize in after University.  

I decided I wanted to specialize in the provision of security services, so I enrolled in various security-related certificate programmes after completing school. I enrolled in a Masters programme in Corporate Social Responsibility, from Escuela De Organiciation in Spain.

In June 2013, barely a few months after graduating from Regent, I applied for and was granted a Private Security License that gave me the green light to set up a private security firm. As a woman in a field predominantly occupied by males in Ghana, I have been motivated by this challenge, and have been determined to make an impact. 

I enrolled in a Chartered Security Professional certificate course, to upgrade my knowledge. I passed out successfully, and was recognized as a top student.


I was recently notified of the decision of the World Certification Institute to honour me with an excellence award as a global occupational authority in Security, at a ceremony scheduled to take place in Calabar, Nigeria, in April this year.

Today, my company has a staff size of 80 with some of our clients being multinational companies. As I reflect on some of my achievements in my professional life, I can’t help but recognize the significant role Regent has played in shaping my career path. I thank God for the transformational experience I had at Regent.