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The Regent Ghana Library

The regent uniersity college libraries

The Regent Ghana Library has been set up from the former campus libraries, namely City Campus Library, McCarthy Hill Campus Library, Roquah Campus Library and the Kings’ Campus Library.

The Library has a total seating capacity for 50 at any one time, with additional social learning space for 20. The stock includes books/monographs, journals, annuals, reports, pamphlets, reprints, CD-ROMs and audio-visual cassettes. To date the libraries have a total book stock of about 20,000 volumes and a total of 41 journal titles. Apart from some few collections for background reading, most of the collections in the Library are related to courses run in the university.

In addition to the printed books and journals we have e-books and e- journals. Also, the Library has a 4 student PCs (with a capacity for 30), all fully equipped with internet facilities.

The Regent Ghana Library in collaboration of Biomed Central, a world renowned open access publisher, has established an institutional repository that allows the university to digitally archive and showcase intellectual outputs of the university to a large and unrestricted audience worldwide.


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