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SOMA 1523 Business Law


This course introduces the students to the systems of the courts and the administration of justice. It covers topics such as the Ghana legal system, source of laws in Ghana, general principles of the law of tort and contract law.



Upon the completion of this course, the participant is expected to:

  • Reasonably understand role of the various courts in Ghana and their respective functions
  • Be able to identify when a tort has been committed and remedies applicable
  • Reasonably understand contracts, interpret contracts, identify when a contract has been discharged and the remedies available when a contract has been breached
  • Reasonably understand agency relationships, the responsibilities of both the principal and the agent and how an agency relationship is terminated.



The course is meant to introduce the student to the Ghana legal system and equip each student with the basic principles in law especially in the area of business law. Students will learn to indentify how the law applies to their day to day activities including their business relations.

There are two main goals for the course:

  1. To give the student a background of the Ghana legal system and introduce each student to the various sources of the law.
  2. To assist the students appreciate the basic principles that apply in law and specifically laws relating to business such as tort law and contract law.



  • Ghartey, Joe. (2004). Doing Business and Investing in Ghana. Legal and Institutional Framework. Janel Publications.
  • Adjei-Mensah , K. (2004). Principles of Business Law. His Grace Publications. ISBN: 99 88 00 9445


PREREQUISITES: NONE                              



Exam 60%; Attendance 10%; Mid-semester 20%, class exercises and assignments 10%