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SOMA 2513: Principles of Marketing


This course is designed to cover the Principles and Basic Concepts of Marketing.  Primary emphasis is made on the four basic elements of Marketing (the Marketing Mix) - Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion. However emphasis will also be placed on the other three elements namely People, Processes and Physical evidence. The course will explore the internal and external factors that influence a firm's sales such as competition, economic conditions, etc as well as at the cultural, economic, political/legal, and technological factors affecting the marketing of products and services.



  • To have a clear understanding of the basic marketing concepts and have this as a firm foundation to build you up in higher marketing.
  • To be able to develop a simple marketing program and present new products that can be expanded and applied in future marketing activities.
  • To realize that marketing, as in any other business discipline, must be used ethically.
  • To learn that marketing is an indispensable business function.
  • To explore the virtue of academic excellence and total quality in basic marketing;



Philip, K. and Gary, A. (2001). Principles of Marketing, New Jersey:  Prentice Hall. 

William, D. Jr., Cannon, J. P., and McCarthy, E. J. (2009). Marketing: A Marketing Strategy Planning Approach. Basic 17th ed., New York, NY:  McGraw-Hill Irwin.


PREREQUISITES: NONE                        



Mid semester Exams/ Presentation and End of Semester Exams