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Regent University college prospective students


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The Regent University College of Science and Technology (Regent-Ghana) is a private research institution committed to the four-fold mission of teaching, research, public service and consultancy through dedication to excellent scholarship and innovation. It is rooted in a culture that values knowledge, imagination and Christian spirituality. The University aims at providing a caring and technologically advanced educational community in which students, faculty, and staff, working and learning together, would be able to achieve its core values in the acronym: IDEAS – Innovation, Diversity, Excellence, Appreciation, and Speed. The aim of all this is to create holistically independent, industrially and technologically advanced nations led by a selfless, passionate and ICT-driven human resource committed to socio-economic and spiritual renewal. The school was incorporated in 2003, gained accreditation from the National Accreditation Board in 2004 and was officially inaugurated in 2006.

That you are reviewing what Regent-Ghana offers this very moment shows how determined you are to identify with the right tertiary institution that can help you realise your God-given potentials. Here in Regent-Ghana, you automatically become a bona fide member of one big heterogeneous family with one big dream: To acquire the practical skills that would not only make you an asset to whoever engages your services, but also make you a potential entrepreneur. Feel free to explore our programmes to determine areas in which Regent-Ghana can unearth your hidden potentials. Follow the links to help you decide. 

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