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BSc Human Development and Psychology - Course Description

Course Description

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SOPS 1513 Introduction to General Psychology

The course introduces the psychological study of human behavior and experience. The history, scope and methods of contemporary psychology are described. Topics include: schools of psychology, goals of psychology, principles of learning and memory, applied areas of psychology.


SOPS 2533: Social Psychology

An introduction to the methods, theories, and applications on how individuals are influenced by others. Topics include social perception, altruism, aggression, attitudes, group dynamics etc. The application of social psychological knowledge to current social problems will be discussed.


SOPS 2514 Human Development I: Child and Adolescent Development

Examines current psychological theory and research on physical, cognitive, social, and personality development from infancy through adolescence. Special topics in child development will be considered. May provide for experience in observing, testing, and interpreting behavior. It will explore issues in child and adolescent development as it occurs in varied contexts such as the family, the school, society, etc. Also examines diverse theories of development as they apply to African Culture.


SOPS 2524 Human Development I: Adulthood and Aging

Adulthood & Aging focuses on the theories and understanding of early adulthood, middle adulthood, and late adulthood. Emphasizes the consolidation of personal identity, the primary factors of adulthood, and healthy and successful aging. Draws readings from diverse sources, including psychological and sociological research and media.


SOPS 2544 Theories of Learning

This course focuses on theories of learning, development and motivation. Students also explore cultural influences in learning and individuals with learning challenge. Student will be required to submit a report reflecting on an application of one of the theories.


SOPS 3514 Theories of Personality

Deals with contemporary theories of personality and their historical derivations, with emphasis on the psychoanalytic, behavioral, humanistic, cognitive and interpersonal approaches.


SOPS 3523: Community Psychology

This course prepares students to understand multi-cultural and ethnic dimensions of intervention practices. It discusses critical perspectives and international examples from around the world on how community psychology can aid in the liberation of oppressed groups and promote social justice and well-being.

Attention will be given to community resource mobilization, networking strategies, group counseling, social services and the dynamics of social change. Student will be required to submit a report on a community with a psychological challenge.


SOLE 3513: Clinical Psychology

Introduction to clinical psychology, assessment and intervention approaches in psychopathology; ethical, professional and theoretical issues; and emerging trends.


SOPS 3543 Counseling Psychology

This course provides an overview of child, family and adult mental health challenges. Discusses psychoanalytic, client-centered, cognitive, behavioral, narrative, couple's, and family systems approaches to counseling. Explores impact of gender, class and race on therapeutic relationships.


SOPS 3553 Experimental Psychology

This course introduces experimental psychology, and includes basic research methods in psychology, the relationship between the brain and behaviour, sensation and perception, conditioning and learning, and memory and reasoning. Through lecture and laboratory students are acquainted with experimental methods in psychological research.


SOPS 3563 Psychological Issues in Addiction

This course exposes the student to an understanding of the multiple factors which impact individuals, families and communities affected by alcohol or other drug problems and the variety of approaches and disciplines relevant to the successful treatment of substance use disorders.


SOPS 3573 Population and Environmental Psychology

The course treats ecology, demograhic changes, population shifts, migrations, displacements through conflicts, wars, ethnic minority; adjustment and age and generational impact. Student will be required to submit a report reflecting on a transient population group (e.g. migrant workers).


PSYC 3583: Research Methods

Research design, methods and issues relevant to psychological research. Topics include observational, experimental, survey, focus group and other designs. Opportunities will be provided to build skills related to research design and critique, as well as data analysis using computers.


SOPS 4506 Human Development Dissertation

This course requires the student to propose and carry out a study and submit a 15, 000-word dissertation written according to American Psychological Association format and regulations provided by the university thesis committee. The thesis is supervised by a Psychology faculty member. The thesis must be defended orally in a symposium organized by the Department.


SOPS 4513 Industrial /Organizational Psychology

The application of psychological principles to business and industry. Emphasis on psychological research in workplace dynamics, influence of organizational and social factors on behaviour and experience. Topics include organizational design, communication networks, power, stress, and inter organizational relations.


SOPS 4534 Practicum in Human Development

Field placement experience and supervision in rural, urban community resource centers, International, medical and government institutions, projects, refugee camps. Student will be required to submit a report.


SOPS 4553 Special Topics

Special projects or topics not covered in the regular curriculum. Visiting lecturers or Regent Ghana faculty members may present Specific subjects.


SOPS 4573: Cross-Cultural Psychology

This course will provide a multicultural and global perspective on human development. The focus is on how culture influences our thoughts and behavior by integrating theoretical and applied components of cross-cultural psychology with traditional and contemporary perspectives in human development across the life span. The major goals of this course are to increase cultural awareness, to identify and reduce ethnocentrism, and limitations in traditional psychological theories to Western societies.


SOPS 4593 Psychology of Marriage

Analyzes personality interactions in marriage and other intimate relationships in the context of various theories. Examines relational, attachment and cultural interactions and the effectiveness of therapeutic approaches in the context of African cultural marital norms.


SOPS 4613 Health Psychology

The application of psychological principles in promoting a good health behaviour and to understanding, treating, and preventing illness. Topics include behaviourial and psychological factors in illness; personality and disease; coping with acute and chronic illness; health education and primary prevention programmes in stress management.


SOPS 4633 Psychology of Memory

This course explores such powers and limitations, and considers critically what they reveal about the brain and the nature of human memory. Topics include the stage model of memory (Sensory register, short-term memory, and long-term memory), encoding, storage, and retrieval, mnemonics, techniques for improving memory, theories of forgetting, amnesia, the aging of memory in the individual, childhood memory, autobiographical memory and self, eye witness testimony, emotionality, trauma, the effects of brain damage on memory.


SOPS 4683: Criminal Psychology

Criminal Investigative Analysis in simplified format. It focuses on psychological profiling - the practice of using concepts from the science of psychology to determine the psychological makeup and/or predict the behavior of a fugitive criminal.


SOPS 4673 Physiological Psychology

Examines recent experimental and theoretical advances in the study of the biological bases of behaviour. Focuses on the manner in which the brain and other parts of the nervous system control various forms of behaviour (e.g., eating, sleeping, sex, aggression) and psychological processes (e. g., learning, remembering, dreaming).


SOPS 3683: Abnormal Psychology

This course provides an overview of the nature of psychopathology. It further examines the etiology, classification, and treatment of emotional disturbance. It attends to the criteria for defining abnormal behavior and to the physiological, interpersonal, and cultural factors involved.


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