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Bachelor of Theology with Management (Honours) - Course Description

Course Description

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SICS 1573 Computers in General Applications I

Introduction to Computers and software applications. Emphasis on systems analysis and database applications. (Lecture and lab).


SICS 1583 Computers in General Applications II

Continuation of SODC 1513. Discussion of the church in cyber space. Students will learn how to design a church website. (Lecture and lab).


SODC 4513 Electronic Church Ministry

A course that seeks to expose the student to various ways the electronic media can become effective means of Christian communication. An exposure on the use of IT in the effective relay of the gospel. Seeks to equip leaders for mission and evangelism in an ever-changing world with the Cyber-Evangelism within and without the church. With the growth of the Internet and web ministries, the Christian educational establishment needs to provide global-level leadership in this developing area of missiology. Attention will also be given to Church Information Systems the designing of Church websites.


SODS 1513 Introductory Anthropology

The study of human social and cultural organization, with emphasis upon the wide variety of adaptation to be found in non- Western Societies.


SODS 3523 Sociology of Death & Dying

A comparative investigation of the social construction of death and dying practices across different cultures. Special attention will be given to the notion of death as a socially accomplished phenomenon.


SODB 1513 Introduction to Business

Introduces students to the various structures of business, industry and organizations, the influence of external factors on the organization, the interrelationship with society, the functional areas of business, and the role of managers. This is done from an historical perspective, understanding how business and our market system have developed over time, and how philosophies and ideologies have influenced business development.


SODB 2512: Human Relations in Organizations

The human problems of management in different work situation will be explored. Topics such as supervision, communication and organizational change and design, employee development and performance management systems will be covered.


SODB 2523 Organizational Behaviour I

The behaviour of individuals and groups in organizational settings. The effects of personality, perception, learning and motivation on individual performance. The interaction between individual determinants of behaviour and group dynamics.


SODB 2532 Principles to Management

This course is designed to introduce students to basic principles, fundamental practices and techniques required for the managerial process within a variety of organizational frameworks. Emphasis would be placed on helping the student to develop an effective managerial philosophy.


SODB 3513 Organisational Behaviour II

It focuses on the macro aspect of Organisational behaviour. Topics will include group processes in the organization, Organisational structure and the relationship of groups and individuals to Organisational effectiveness, intergroup conflict, cooperation, power and politics, leadership, communication, team dynamics and Organisational culture and changes. Lectures, case studies and experiential exercises.


SODB 3523 Human Resource Management

The human problems of the management of all work situations, supervision by authority and motivation, communication and introduction of change, organization of work efforts , employee development, performance incentives, personnel policy, and management responsibilities.


SODB 4513Strategic Management and Marketing

Analysis of the internal environment of the organization, analysis of the external environment surrounding the organization (opportunities and threats), firm strategies, the strategic prospective of the organization frame, strategic censorship, strategic behavior, strategic management in not for profit organizations, case studies. Attention will also be given to investigating modern marketing principles as they relate to the development of suitable church programs for specific target groups and communities.


SODB 4533 Mediation & Conflict Resolution

This course aims at developing congenial relations in church, and human resource expertise in conflict mediation, conflict resolution and facilitation skills for pastors and those who work within para-church groups. The course deals specifically with negotiation strategy and behaviour, religious conflicts and their resolution, pastor/leaders conflicts, intra-leader conflicts, church conflicts, pastor/congregation conflicts, inter-church conflicts, and methods of resolving them so that optimum result could be achieved in and outside the church through the church's mediatorial role. It also seeks to give biblical and historical overview of conflicts in the church.


SODB 4553 Project Management

This course discusses the practical examination of how projects can be managed from start to the end, including specific emphasis on planning and controlling to avoid common pitfalls. The course will also look at identifying needs, defining requirements, project costing, scheduling, resource allocation, and project politics.


SODB 4573 Social Entrepreneurship

Many observers believe social entrepreneurship holds the promise of more effectively addressing if not solving some of society's most intractable social problems. Still young, but growing dynamically, the field of social entrepreneurship is defined as the process of creating new independent or corporate ventures that pursue the dual primary missions of social benefit and financial return on investment. These nonprofit and for profit ventures have a social mission and aim to be financially self-sufficient or are profit driven.

This course is designed as an introduction to the field, but hopefully will also be a contribution to it, tackling the obstacles and constraints faced by social entrepreneurs, and surfacing new strategies for them. The course will draw on some of the field's most accomplished practitioners as well as on historical and contemporary models to explore the unique range of issues and challenges facing the new social venture. The course teaches students to focus on solutions to societal problems and to evaluate the market opportunities for social venture creation. We will also explore the social capital markets and the trade off between social and financial returns, and discuss issues related to acquiring needed resources. Finally, the course will examine the unique management and marketing strategies for the growing social venture


SODB 4593 Managing People and Organisation

This course explores the issues you face in managing people, groups and organisations. The objective of this course is to provide practical applications and frameworks to help you develop and put in place effective strategies for managing individuals in organisations. The aspect of managing people explores the human aspects of organizational life, drawing on students own educational and other experiences to demonstrate how ideas and concepts of management and organizational behaviour provide a vehicle for enhancing out understanding and skills in managing people. What specific skills are required to be an effective manager? The course explores such questions as: What is my role as a manager and a leader? What motivates people at work? What skills do I currently have, and what do I need to improve? How can I develop my own skills? How does my group function, and how can it be more effective? What impact does the structure and culture of my organisation have on our performance? Some of the skills considered are communication, negotiation, career management and leadership.

Students will develop a theoretical understanding of the management and organizational behaviour terrain, but one which is grounded in personal experience, has practical relevance and adopts a critical perspective in order to question accepted assumptions about management.


SODT 1513 Communication I

Development if the basic skills needed for effective communications. Communications theory is introduced. Grammar and sentence structure are taught. Emphasis is upon developing an effective, concise, direct writing style. Students also learn the appropriate technique and formats for writing reports and letters, and how to plan and deliver oral presentations and speak in public.


SODT 1523 Intro to Romans Civilization

The main facets of ancient Roman civilization (its history, literature, thought, and art) with particular attention paid to those features which determine the nature and extent of its contribution to western civilization.


SODT 1533 Introduction to Greek Civilization

The main facets of ancient Greek civilization (its history, literature, thought, and art) with particular attention paid to that which unifies and defines it as Greek and determines the nature and extent of its contribution to western civilization.


SODT 1543 Africa & the World

An introduction to African history, investigating historical debates upon the significance of Africans in human cultural development and modern global society and economy. Topics include expansion of Niger-Congo and the slave trade in West Africa and Africa's place in the world today.


SODT 1563 Communication II

Instead of concentrating on grammar, the writing component focuses on the things that distinguish effective writing from poor writing: unity, concision, emphasis and style. A series or writings assignments, some general and some career-oriented, help develop these qualities. Student writes a formal report based on their own original research. They also give a presentation using basic visual aids and computer graphics.


SODT 1586 Elementary Greek

A study of the elements of New Testament Greek.


SODT 2506 German Language

This course places emphasis on speaking, listening and writing abilities. The course is enhanced through the use of audio visual aids, purported to expose the students to contemporary German culture. Grammar, syntax, oral and written drills are integral aspects to effective use of the language as a missiological in today's mission.


SODT 2513 Old Testament Introduction I

An introduction to the Old Testament books of Genesis to II Kings in their literary, historical and cultural frameworks.


SODT 2523 Old Testament Introduction II

Focusing on the Latter Prophets and Writings.


SODT 2533 Church History I

A survey of Church History from the post-apostolic age to the end of the medieval period.


SODT 2543 Church History II

A survey of Church History from the Reformation to the present time.


SODT 2553 Introduction to Pastoral Care & Counseling

Pastoral counseling, as a specialized ministry within the field of pastoral care, will be explored didactically and practically. A survey of counseling theory from an integrative perspective, with attention to particular Biblical and ministry issues, will be incorporated into a practical format in a community setting.


SODT 2563 Introduction to Family Therapy

This course introduces pastors to modern systems thinking about families and how to effectively minister to families in the congregation in times of transition, difficulty and crisis. As a prerequisite to effective ministry, students will carry out an in-depth exploration of their family of origin. Systems thinking will also be applied to effective ministry in a parish context.


SODT 2573 Preaching

A basic course in sermon preparation and delivery. The course focuses on providing instruction and developing skills in the art of preaching in a church context, the verbal communication of the Christian faith in a secular context.


SODT 2583 Practice of Pastoral Ministry

This course is a basic introduction to the practice of ministry in and through the local church and its various ministries in society. The course will focus on the many roles of the minister such as pastor, preacher, administrator, equipper, caregiver, and counselor. Special attention will be given to evangelism, visitation, stewardship, church renewal and some of the practical aspects of ministry such as weddings, funerals, dedications, and communion. There are no prerequisites for this class.


SODT 2593 Evangelism

A basic course in the theology and practice of evangelism as it relates to local churches.


SODT 2623 Hermeneutics

This course is designed to introduce the student to the theory and practice of biblical interpretation (hermeneutics and exegesis) as a foundation for intelligent study of the Scriptures and the preparation of sermons, Bible stories, etc. The course will be taught by members of the Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries departments in order to integrate theory and practice.


SODT 3513 New Testament I

A survey of the contents of the Gospels and Acts. The class will also deal with issues of biblical criticism and theology.


SODT 3523 New Testament II

A survey of the contents of the rest of the New Testament. The class will continue to deal with issues of biblical criticism and theology.


SODT 3533 Integration Seminar

The purpose of the Integration Seminar is to integrate the various theological disciplines with the practice of ministry as well as formation of ministry. Methodologies used in the seminar will include small-group discussion, journaling, case studies, panel discussions and the preparation of statement of faith and practice.


SODT 3543 Pentecostalism in Ghana

A study of the historical origins and development of Ghanaian Pentecostalism. It also examines the direction of Pentecostal history in Ghana. Attention will be given to the Church of Pentecost, the Christ Apostolic Church, the Assembles of God Church and two of the leading Charismatic churches in country including Action Faith Ministries, Lighthouse Chapel International and others.


SODT 3553 Supervised Field Education

This course examines the pastoral office and the multiple roles of the minister as pastor, priest, proclaimer, teacher, counselor, administrator and one who equips models and provides leadership to the laity of the church. This course provides opportunities for a field placement under the guidance of a senior pastor who serves as the Ministry Supervisor. Opportunities are also given for the student to integrate theory, theology and the practice of ministry, for the development of ministry skills and for the discovery of the person's pastoral identity. These goals are accomplished through ministry experience, weekly supervisory sessions, classroom instruction and a small group process. In addition to this, students do vacation training through attachment to churches and para-church organizations.


SODT 3563 Theology II

A survey of the Christian doctrines of the person and work of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the experience of salvation, the church, and eschatology.


SODT 3623: Theology I

A survey of the Christian doctrines of God, revelation, creation, humanity and sin.


SODT 3583 Introduction to Islam I

A survey of the history, beliefs and practices of Islam with particular attention to early development of the Islamic religion. Examination of Islam's continuity and discontinuity with the Judeo-Christian tradition, its roots and an emphasis on the cosmological impact of its followers. Discusses the influence of Islam on the African continent, especially its political role in the socio-cultural context.


SODT 3593 Christian Ethics

This course is designed to be an introduction to the biblical basis of Christian ethics and Christian social action. It begins with an overview of the approaches to Christian ethics with some attention to their historical background, and then moves to discussions of guidelines for ethical analysis and action that have been proposed by mainline Protestant, and conservative evangelical moralists. Topics to be discussed include the environment, authority capital punishment, war and interventionism, property, truthfulness and sexuality.


SODT 4513 African Traditional Religion

A study of the traditional religions of Africans that explores such issues as the concept of God, religion, values and philosophy of pre-Christian African societies. Discusses the relation of African traditional religions to such world religions like Christianity and Islam. Looks at how African traditional religions influence Black American Christianity.


SODT 4553 Christian Education

The course will look at areas of Christian education as they relate to ministers in local churches. It also examines the educational philosophies that affect foundations of teaching in the church.


SODT 4573 NT Greek Texts

Develops reading vocabulary and exegetical skills through intensive study of selected portions of the Greek New Testament. Includes exercises in translation and vocabulary building. Prerequisite: GREE 1006 Elementary Greek.


SOEC 3513: Old Testament Hebrew

Gives a basic knowledge of the phonology, morphology and syntax of biblical Hebrew in order to begin reading and interpreting the Hebrew Bible with the help of basic lexical and exegetical tools. Work through exercises and selected texts from the Hebrew Bible.
Hebrew to provide basic knowledge of the phonology and syntax of biblical Hebrew Bible in order to begin reading the Hebrew Bible. Work through selected texts from the Hebrew Bible.


SODT 4633 Church Statistics

The course treats topics like elements of church statistics, types of data, programme, sampling distribution, regression analysis, quality improvement and population.


SODT 4653 African Spirituality

The course is aimed at exposing the student to the nature of the African spirituality by examining African religious concepts and ideas that influence African peoples' socio-religious and socio-politico-economic lives. It also seeks to explain the role the African spirituality plays on Africans in the new faiths they have embraced both on the African soil as well as in the Diaspora, notably, the North America and the Caribbean. Such religious ideas like the priesthood, witchcraft, juju, necromancy, ghosts, healings and miracles and others, and their role in defining African religiousness will be carefully examined. The purpose is to help the student appreciate the cosmological and primal understanding of the African peoples so as to ably present the Christian God to them in a relevant and meaningful way.


SODT 4673 Christian Presence and African Responses

This course attempts to trace the emergence of an identifiable African Christianity, from the earliest encounter to decolonization. It explores the various ways in which African communities responded to the presence of the kingdom of God in their midst through time. The course begins by exploring the historiography so that everyone will be on the same page and the ideological underpinning in story-telling will become obvious. Topics include: Early Christianity in North Africa (Maghrib), Iberian Catholicism in the 15th and 16th Centuries, Evangelical Revival and its Fruit, African Responses:1885-1945, Decolonization of Africa Churches: 1945-1975 and Contemporary Religious Landscape: Pentecostalism, Gender, Theology and Diaspora.


SODT 4693 Church and Social Engagement in Global Society

This course is designed to explore the encounter of World with contemporary global social forces. It includes themes such as: the profile of contemporary World Christianity, Experiencing World Christianity: Sharing Stories of Encounters, Challenges from new centers and the construction of cross cultural soul care, The Religion of Immigrants: Concept of Diaspora Christianity, The Religion of Immigrants: Urban Ministry Perspective and Challenges, Emergent Liturgies and Worship Celebrations in a Global Perspective, Gospel and Culture in the West: Secularism as the New Religion, Exploring Theological Understanding in a new key, Engaging World Christianity in Mission, Partnership, Networks and NGOs, Learning in a Pluralistic Culture, What is the Future of World Christianity? A Historical Discourse and World Mission Institute.


SODT 4713 Christian Apologetics

A study of the philosophical procedures of presenting and defending the Christian faith and doctrine especially evidentialism, and presuppositionalism, focusing on the relationship between faith and reason in studied detail. Focus is on personal witness. Treats modern assaults on Christianity and how the Christian faith can be defended in the contemporary world. Surveys Early Christian Apologists.


SODT 4753 World Religions

The history, beliefs, practices and contemporary relevance of the Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian, Taoist Zoroastrian, Judaic, Muslim and Christian faiths, and African Traditional Religion. After outlining methods of understanding different ways of being religious the course examines the components of larger streams of tradition and compares their respective beliefs and practices.


SODT 4773 Introduction to Islam II

This course covers further studies on Islamic faith and practice. The course also explores the challenges of Islam to Christian mission in Ghana. Emphasis is also placed on Christian-Muslim relations in two selected west African countries.

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