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Address by Rev. Prof. E. Kingsley Larbi, President and CEO, Regent University of Science and Technology, on the Occasion of the Handing-Over, Awards and Dinner Night of the Regent-Ghana Students' Union Held on November 8, 2008

Speaker and Clerk of Regent-Ghana Students Union
Distinguished Invited Guests
Valued Students
Management and Staff of Regent University here gathered
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen:

Today’s handing-over ceremony and awards and dinner night, marks another significant event in the development of this great institution. On my personal, behalf and on behalf of management and the board of Regent University, an institution that holds much promise for this nation, I want to congratulate the leadership of the students body for their bold initiative.

As our nation searches for answers to her developmental challenges, the higher educational sector will have to play a significant role by raising the required human capital that will be at the forefront in our quest for change.

If our understanding of education is just the acquisition of certificates that will help us get decent jobs, then we have not gotten it. If our quest for university education is to make us leaders so that we can amass wealth for ourselves, irrespective of how many people live in poverty, filth, ignorance, and environmental degradation, then we have not gotten it right. If our education does not...? This is because, our continent is the only continent that can boast of enormous human and material resources, and yet the poorest of the world’s poor live among us.

Yes, We can!