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Address Delivered by Rev. Prof. E. Kingsley Larbi, President and CEO, on the Occasion of the 5TH Matriculation Ceremony of the Regent University College of Science and Technology Held on February 5, 2011

Mr. Chairman, Guest Speaker, Faculty and Staff, Matriculants, Students, Ladies and Gentlemen:

The main things that define institutions are “leadership,” “vision,” “mission,” and “values.” Though all these four things are very important for the growth and development of every institution/organization, community and nation, leadership plays the most critical role; it is the very nerve wire of every moment. This is because the leader leads in the definition, articulation, enforcement, and realization of the organizational vision, mission, and values. The leader influences the group; he/she challenges the status quo and takes the group from “where it is now” to “where it ought to be.” An inactive leader will produce an inactive institution. An ineffective leader will produce an ineffective organization incapable of living up to its call. A visionless leader will take his or her people to NO WHERE. This has been amply demonstrated both in secular history as well as in sacred history. 

Regent University College of Science and Technology was born out of the passion to raise transformational leaders who will consider the appalling conditions of poverty, illiteracy, filth, and disease, which yield their ugly faces wherever we go, as a scandal and therefore unacceptable conditions that need to be dealt with robustly for the much-needed change to come. The African condition, as we see it now, becomes more pathetic and urgent when we consider the fact that only few continents are as endowed as Africa when it comes to natural resources, and that some nations whose per capita income at independence was lower than Ghana and most African countries have overtaken most African countries, if not all, in terms of development. When it comes to human capital, Ghana, and Africa for that matter, has some of the finest leading scientists and engineers serving in various capacities around the globe. The irony is that, our skilled men and women tend to perform better when they are functioning outside the African continent or serving under foreign leadership. 

It can be said without any fear of contradiction, that Ghana is where it is at the moment principally because of poor leadership and certain cultural practices that have become endemic in our society. The same can be said of other nations of Africa. We cannot therefore show great concern about the quality of leaders we have in our nation or on our continent, without showing equal or greater concern about the quality of leaders our various institutions of higher learning produce for our country and our continent.

Our conviction is that our graduates will be different; for if certificates or degrees alone can transform our nation, Ghana, or Africa for that matter, will not be where it is at the moment. Our institution aims at raising passionate social crusaders who will see themselves taking part in a war against poverty, disease, illiteracy, and filth, which have become our collective disgrace. 

Come and explore with us. Africa shall be saved! Join the Winning Team.