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General News and Announcements
by Daniel Ahiatrogah - Wednesday, 20 August 2014, 12:55 PM
 How to Access your Account:
  • Click on the Login Link, at the top right hand corner of the page, to access the Login Page of the Regent Ghana Online platform.
  • In the Username Texbox, type your FirstName.Lastname. Eg. michael.oppong
  • Next, Type  regent123 as the default password in the Password Textbox and click on the Login button or press enter to login into your personal account. NBRemember to change the default password to a private password on your first login to prevent unauthorized access to your personal account by another user. 

  Notice to Students: 

  • Students shall be enrolled on courses on the platform by their respective HODs on semester basis. In this regards, students are not expected to enroll on the courses themselves.  
  • Courses assigned to students shall be displayed on the Home Page of the students from where he/she can access them. 
  • Quiz and assignment among other activities shall be performed on this site at the instance of the lecturer. 
  • At the end of each Semesters, students shall be taken off their previous courses and enrolled onto the next semester courses. Students are therefore encourage to download relevant material from each course prior to the end of the semester or trimester. 

Notice to Faculty: 

  • Courses shall be allocated to lecturers on Semester/Trimester basis by the HODs. Lectures are therefore not expected to create courses on the platform themselves.
  • A Lecturer shall have displayed on his/her Home Page, the course allocated to him/her for each Semester which he/she can then access by clicking on it. 
  • A Lecturer can then upload his/her course materials, conduct quizzes, assignments among others on the course(s) allocated to him/her. 
  • Every lecturer must remember to backup of his/her course materials prior  to the end of every semester/Trimester as he/she might be allocated a different course in the next semester by which he/she would unable to access materials on the previous course taught if that happened.